Songfish is a flexible, hosted SaaS setlist engine built to allow a band or fans to preserve concert setlists and data. The software allows users to search that data and generate statistics.

Songfish allows you to enter artists, side-projects, setlists, songs, venues, discography, guest appearances, teases, and more. It also provides for users to create their own discrete groups of shows, such as shows they've seen in concert, and generate their own personal stats. It's currently in use by several bands, many of whom have a large and dedicated following.

Songfish is fully responsive and mobile friendly. We know that your fans will browser your site from their phones, and the site is optimized for rapid loading to accommodate that. A rapid release cycle means that new features are developed and released quickly, bugs are often fixed same-day, and security is always top-of-mind. Got an idea for something that should exist on the Songfish platform? Submit a request and we'll consider it!

If you examine the fans of bands that rotate their concert setlists, you'll see, over and over and again, that fans exposed to this type of data become more passionate fans, hungry for more. For bands with varied setlists and/or significant amounts of improv, tracking concert setlists is a must to fully energize your fanbase.

A demo of Songfish is available at

Songfish is inexpensive and priced to allow up-and-coming bands to have a professional setlist tracking tool without the budgetary burden of a web developer, hosting, and systems administrator. To learn more about features and pricing, please get in touch using this contact form.