Songfish Pricing

Songfish uses a SaaS model. Priced as an annual subscription, all aspects of Songfish management are handled as part of your subscription, including configuration, updates, and backups. Once you have a Songfish site, all you need to do is worry about entering your band's data, the rest is handled entirely by our team.

All plans include a one-time setup fee of $299. That includes a one-hour Zoom tutorial, complete setup and initial configuration, basic mail relay, a build-out of off-site backups, and other one-time configuration.

All plans can be paid quarterly, if you'd prefer. Please contact us for payment links.

Songfish Core is our basic offering and includes all the features you'd expect on a setlist tracking site. For most bands, Songfish Core is the right package.

Songfish Core

Signup for Songfish Core

$299 one-time setup fee
$300/year paid annually
Songfish Core is the basic Songfish offering and has everything you need to run your setlist site.
  • 30 images/file uploads
  • 30 build-in page revisions
  • 30 custom page revisions
  • Domain name of your choice (e.g. "")
  • Personalized Zoom kickoff
  • Basic site design
  • Limited emails
  • Twice-a-day offsite backups
  • Ten admin themes

Songfish Gold

Signup for Songfish Gold

$299 one-time setup fee
$360/year paid annually
For bands that need a little more power, there's Songfish Gold. Songfish Gold includes all of the features of Songfish Core, as well as:
  • Unlimited images/file uploads
  • Unlimited build-in page revisions
  • Unlimited custom page revisions
  • Custom site design
  • Magic links for login
  • More frequent site backups
  • Up to 4 custom Zoom tutorials per year
  • Remove Songfish branding from the site footer
  • Feature requests are higher in priority
  • Unlock four additional admin themes: Spindrift, Silvermoon, Soft Avocado, and Spoon Whistle

Songfish Platinum

Signup for Songfish Platinum

$299 one-time setup fee
$720/year paid annually
Songfish Platinum is meant for bands or companies who want a truly professional, top-tier experience. You will receive all of the benefits of Songfish Gold, but also next-level features for the most polished user experience.
  • More frequent database backups
  • Custom, paid Sendgrid mail relay to ensure 100% mail delivery.
  • Image hosting via Cloudflare CDN
  • Pro-level DNS
  • Increased server/host memory
  • PHP 8
  • Additional admin theme: Iridium