Songfish releases numbers are in the following format: [major version].[minor version].[build number], e.g. The minor version is bumped each time production sites are updated. This usually happens multiple times per week, but could be more than once per day, or it may stay the same for several updates, however, every time an update is applied to the core system, whether it is released or not, the build number will be updated.


Songfish is developed using the principles of rapid application development (RAD). As a result, there are frequent releases/updates. There have been 104 production releases of Songfish, with an average of less than 7 days between releases.

The current stable release of Songfish is 6.4 (Sisimiut). The next release of Songfish will be 6.5 (Sermersooq). The current build number is: 435.

Why Codenames?

Simply put, because they're fun. Every release has a codename and codenames generally follow a theme for several releases. Codenames are not political statements. So far, codenames themes have included Iron Chefs (v <1.9), European capitals (1.10 - 1.24), Canadian cities (1.25 - 1.27), Asian capitals (2.0-2.7), and judges on the Japanese show Iron Chef (4.0-4.5). The forty-nine(!) releases in the 3.x series were named for fish, in alphabetical order. Releases in the 5.x series were named for Canadian cities, continuing the naming started at 1.25 but interrupted with the 2.0 breaking-changes. Current releases (Songfish 6.x) are named for municipalities of Greenland.