stlst is now Songfish

Songfish is a flexible, hosted SaaS setlist engine built to allow a band or fans to preserve concert setlists and data. The software allows users to search that data and generate statistics.

In June 2021, the project - then named "stlst" - was renamed to "Songfish." Customers and users often didn't know how to pronounce "stlst." "Is it like setlist?" "Is it ess tee el ess tee?" In addition, it was odd to pronounce the full name out loud - "setlist setlist engine?" While was a great domain name due to its short length, ultimately, we decided it was better to use an easily pronounceable alternative.

Another product in our arsenal is an application called "Lunchfish," a tool for helping co-workers nominate and select restaurants for lunch. In following the theme, Songfish was born.

Official Logo

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A Word About Our Logo

We're inspired by the blowfish logo from OpenBSD. Not only are we big fans of the OpenBSD operating system, but the original version of both Lunchfish and Songfish were built for OpenBSD's httpd web server. We use a custom-colored OpenBSD blowfish "Puffy", which is freely licensed, as a tribute to the free-operating system.